Nurse talking to patient on the phone

Increase in early stage cancer diagnoses in Scotland

The latest figures from NHS Scotland show that more cancers are being diagnosed at an early stage. The figures reported by the BBC and The Scotsman show that the number of people diagnosed with stage one cancer of the breast, lung and bowel has increased by 9.4% since 2010. However, the stats also reveal fewer early diagnoses in Scotland’s most deprived areas compared to the least. Getting diagnosed early means people have a greater chance of successful treatment.

Fighting talk may be doing more harm than good

The Guardian covered the latest research looking at the harmful psychological effects of using military terminology when describing a disease. This study adds to the body of evidence that fighting talk may not be helping patients and further highlights the importance of being sensitive when communicating about cancer.

Aspirin and breast cancer outcomes

The Mail Online covered a small study that has suggested that taking aspirin could affect breast cancer outcomes. Researchers said this might be due to the genetics of the disease. But the picture isn’t clear. Previous research has looked into whether taking aspirin may affect breast cancer survival but results have been inconsistent. More research like this is needed in bigger groups of patients, to further investigate the link between aspirin and breast cancer. It’s important for anyone thinking about taking aspirin regularly to talk to their GP first.

New treatment option for certain leukaemia patients in Scotland

A targeted combination treatment for patients with a specific type of chronic blood cancer will soon be available on the NHS in Scotland. Our news report has the details.

Rise in bladder cancer deaths could be due to a shortage of a particular drug

In England, the proportion of bladder cancer patients surviving five years or longer after their diagnosis has fallen from 55.1% to 52.6%, according to the Office for National Statistics. The Telegraph reports warnings from experts suggesting this could be due to supply problems of a particular immunotherapy drug called Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG).

Tracing evolution of cancer in dogs may help us understand our own cancers

WIRED covered a recent study that constructed the first genetic map of a particular type of canine cancer. Tracing the cancer history in dogs may reveal some secrets about the evolution of human disease.

And finally…

The BBC and The Guardian reports on the poet Laureate, Simon Armitage’s, latest work entitled ‘Finishing It’ that has been engraved on a tiny cancer pill. It’s intended to raise awareness for, and celebrate, the work being done in the advancement of cancer treatment.