Together we will beat cancer


Pain, poverty and poor survival: oesophageal cancer in Kenya

Two patient advocates travelled to Kenya as part of a Cancer Research UK Grand Challenge team that’s hunting for unknown causes of cancer.

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The intelligent knife: a potential ‘game-changer’ for cancer surgery

The iKnife is a surgical device with the unique ability to sniff out cancer cells. This is the story of the intelligent knife, from inception to theatre.

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What it takes for the NHS to diagnose cancer… and why it’s struggling

NHS diagnostic services are short staffed and under pressure as more people will be sent for tests that can diagnose cancer.

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Grand Challenge: how cancer patients shaped our most ambitious research grant ever

To cure all cancers we need to work together. Here’s how people affected by cancer helped us tackle our most ambitious research to date: the Grand Challenge.

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2016: a year in cancer research

Thanks to your generous donations, there has been plenty of progress in research this year. Here’s the top cancer science stories from 2016.

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A journey through cancer

Everyone’s journey through cancer is different. Here we try to portray the experience through the words of those who know it best.

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