Together we will beat cancer


Touching a nerve: How neuroscience could advance our understanding of cancer

The role of the nervous system in cancer progression remains largely unexplored. Now, our researchers at the Francis Crick Institute and Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre are leaning into the unknown to find out how cancer uses nerve cells and networks to survive and grow.

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“That is what I dream”: India’s journey to rolling out the HPV vaccine

We spoke to Dr Ishu Kataria who works with WHO to prevent the spread of infections like HPV, which causes 99% of cervical cancers worldwide.

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Inspiring the next generation of cancer researchers

We’ve partnered with In2science UK, an organisation that promotes diversity in STEM, to sponsor 10 young people through a mentoring programme.

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“After a fire and a pandemic, it felt amazing to finish my PhD”

As the roof goes on our brand new Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute following a devastating fire in 2017, we hear from one of the PhD students who lived through it.

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Breast cancer surgery: ‘I’m proud of the tattoos inked across my chest’

We spoke to three people about their experience of breast surgery and some of the difficult decisions they made along the way.

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Cancer Won’t Wait: “I prayed she would see her daughter start school”

We spoke to 4 people about why, when it comes to cancer, every second counts and why the Government must act now to ensure the NHS can catch more cancers early.

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