Together we will beat cancer


Michelle Mitchell: Cancer is a fixable problem

Our CEO Michelle Mitchell writes about how cancer care in the UK is a fixable problem, and outlines the important next steps to get to where we want to be

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Choosing to act on cancer: Our Manifesto for Cancer Research and Care

As the UK political parties prepare themselves for the forthcoming election, we want them to choose to make transforming cancer outcomes a priority – our Manifesto for Cancer Research and Care will provide a blueprint for them to do this. 

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Routes to a healthier shopping journey – how your supermarket environment influences what goes into your basket

In partnership with British Heart Foundation and Diabetes UK, we have released our new Trolley Trends analysis which explores attitudes and behaviours around healthy eating and food shopping

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Dr Ian Walker on Smoking: ‘The killer behind the counter’

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Ian Walker on smoking

Ian Walker reminds us why we need to keep our ‘pedal to the metal’ when it comes to further government policy intervention on smoking tobacco

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Lessons from the green: How sports psychology helped a top golf pro cope with cancer

This entry is part 9 of 10 in the series Regional Stories

Lysa Jones, a golf coach and pro, talks about how her experiences in the sport helped her to cope with her breast cancer diagnosis.

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Pharmacy services are an untapped resource in tackling nation’s major health conditions, new survey reveals

A new YouGov survey has revealed that just 1 in 10 people have turned to their local pharmacy for advice…

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News digest – screening switch, genetic testing, cigarette packaging and coronavirus updates

Scientists are developing a new drug that combines chemotherapy and light therapy.

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Science Surgery: ‘Why doesn’t the immune system attack cancer cells?’

This entry is part 13 of 23 in the series Science Surgery

In this Science Surgery post Millie asks: ‘Why doesn’t the immune system attack cancer cells?’ The short answer is it does! But sometimes it needs a helping hand from exciting new treatments.

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Learning from a cancer’s past could predict its future

By revealing a tumour’s past, our scientists are opening the possibility of predicting its future. This could help make cancer treatment more personal.

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Watching how ‘young’ cells move gives clues on skin cancer spread

A new early stage study sheds some light on how a molecule helps ‘young’ skin cells move, which could tell us more about skin cancer.

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