Together we will beat cancer


Cancer Research UK announces appointment of new Chair

Cancer Research UK has announced the appointment of Lord Simon Stevens as Chair of Council of Trustees with effect from October 2023.

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Cancer vaccines – where are we?

Cancer vaccine development has had many challenges. But with recent breakthroughs and new partnerships, could we be closer than ever?

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Women in science: Cancer research pioneers – part 2

As our 20th anniversary year draws to a close, we’re celebrating some of the pioneering women who have contributed to impactful cancer research and paved the way for even more.

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20 years on: how we’ve decreased cancer death rates

Overall, cancer death rates have decreased by 16% in the UK since we were founded. For our 20th anniversary, we’re looking back at the influence and involvement we’ve had in reducing cancer death rates.

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Into the archives: the story of HPV and cervical cancer

From strengthening the understanding of the link between HPV and cervical cancer, to working towards reducing cervical cancer to the point where almost no one develops it, our history with this particular disease goes way back.

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News digest – screening switch, genetic testing, cigarette packaging and coronavirus updates

Scientists are developing a new drug that combines chemotherapy and light therapy.

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