Together we will beat cancer


Cancer vaccines – where are we?

Cancer vaccine development has had many challenges. But with recent breakthroughs and new partnerships, could we be closer than ever?

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Innovative cancer spinouts: 3 new projects get green light

The spin out companies are engineering viruses to seek and destroy cancer cells and using bacteria to break down the physical defences of tumours.

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Cancer Research UK spin-out gets US approval to trial unique T-cell therapy

Cancer Research UK’s spin-out, GammaDelta Therapeutics, has been given approval to trial its unique T-cell therapy in the US.  

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Science Surgery: ‘Why doesn’t the immune system attack cancer cells?’

This entry is part 13 of 23 in the series Science Surgery

In this Science Surgery post Millie asks: ‘Why doesn’t the immune system attack cancer cells?’ The short answer is it does! But sometimes it needs a helping hand from exciting new treatments.

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Finding common ground with arthritis could help cancer patients

Our new research partnership is exploring common ground between arthritis and cancer, which could bring benefits to patients on both sides.

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