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The UK Government’s response to Javed Khan’s tobacco review: A small step in the right direction, but much more action is needed

While today’s speech from Neil O’Brien MP was a welcome positive first step in the right direction, the UK Government has missed a key opportunity to get us back on track to achieving a Smokefree 2030

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Dr Ian Walker on Smoking: ‘A political no-brainer’

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Ian Walker on smoking

Ian Walker describes how with swift political action we could prevent thousands of cancer deaths every year.

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Ending smoking could free up 75,000 GP appointments each month

New analysis by Cancer Research UK has revealed that up to 75,000 GP appointments could be freed up each month in England if the UK Government put an end to smoking. 

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Our nurses answer your frequently asked questions about cancer

Our nurses have answered some of the frequently asked questions they hear on our Cancer Awareness Roadshow and at Cancer Awareness in the Workplace sessions.

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Smoking addiction killed my grandfather – now it’s up to the Government to protect my son

According to a new report, England has slipped further off track for its smokefree 2030 goal. Smoking addiction killed my grandfather – it’s now up to the Government to protect my son.

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England slips further off-track for smokefree 2030 target

The UK government is almost a decade behind achieving its target for England to be smokefree by 2030, a new report reveals.

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Ending smoking could more than halve England’s cancer inequality gap

It’s known that people from more deprived backgrounds are more likely to get cancer. New analysis from Cancer Research UK…

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Steps towards a smokefree society

For some, a world where cigarettes don’t exist might be difficult to imagine. Less than 30 years ago it would’ve…

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New independent tobacco review sets roadmap for a smokefree England for all

New review sets out a roadmap the UK Government should follow to close the health inequality gap and end smoking in England.

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Health inequalities: Why do people smoke if they know it’s bad for them?

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Health inequalities

For the second instalment in our health inequalities series, we’re looking at what’s behind differences in the causes of smoking.

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