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One dose of radiotherapy relieves spinal cord compression in advanced cancer patients

Giving a single dose of radiotherapy to patients with cancer that has spread relieves spinal cord compression.

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Giving chemotherapy after radiotherapy improves survival for patients with rare brain tumour

Giving chemotherapy after radiotherapy delays further growth of a rare type of brain tumour, increasing the number of patients alive at five years.

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Half of people unaware of advanced life-saving radiotherapy

Half of people in Great Britain do not know about any of the advanced types of life-saving radiotherapy treatments now available.

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‘Invisible tattoos’ could improve body confidence after breast cancer radiotherapy

Invisible tattoos could replace the permanent dark ink tattoos used to deliver breast cancer radiotherapy according to an NCRI Cancer Conference study.

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Proton beam therapy to be made available in England

The Government has announced plans to introduce a new radiotherapy treatment to the UK, saving patients the long trip abroad they currently need to take to receive it on the NHS.

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