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Kidney cancer drug gets initial ‘no’ for the NHS in England

A new kidney cancer drug combination of pembrolizumab with axitinib gets an initial no for the NHS in England

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Kidney and lung cancer drugs approved on the NHS in Scotland

One kidney cancer treatment and two lung cancer drugs have been recommended for use on the NHS in Scotland.

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Kidney cancer immunotherapy combo approved for NHS use in England

A combination of immunotherapy drugs will be made available to NHS patients with advanced and aggressive kidney cancer on the NHS in England.

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Drug combination boosts kidney cancer survival in trials

Combining a targeted cancer drug with an immunotherapy extends the lives of advanced kidney cancer patients, according to two clinical trials.

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Blocking cancer cell’s energy generator could lead to new targeted treatments

CANCER RESEARCH UK scientists have found that blocking the pathway used by some kidney cancer cells to generate energy can kill the cancer cells, sparing the healthy ones.

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