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Protein ‘block’ kills childhood cancer cells

An experimental drug that blocks an essential cell protein could be used to treat Wilms’ tumour, a childhood cancer that affects the kidneys.

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Gene discovery could lead to new treatments for childhood cancer

Cancer Research UK-funded scientists have identified two genes linked to Wilms’ tumour – a type of childhood kidney cancer – according to research published in Clinical Cancer Research.

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Molecular test for cancer relapse in UK children

A molecular marker used in America to predict whether children with a form of kidney cancer, called Wilms’ tumour, are more likely to relapse than other children, could be useful for UK patients. The study is published in the European Journal of Cancer* today (Wednesday).

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Postponing surgery reduces long term side effects for children with kidney cancer

Children given chemotherapy before surgery to treat the most common form of childhood kidney cancer, called Wilms’ tumour, require less treatment and experience fewer long term side effects than if they have immediate surgery, according to trial results revealed at today’s NCRI Cancer Conference and published in the European Journal of Cancer.

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Suspected environmental link to children’s cancers

Substances present in the environment may trigger certain rare kinds of childhood cancer, according to a new study1 by Cancer Research UK scientists in Manchester.

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