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Combined immunotherapy could help control melanoma that has spread to the brain

A combination of two immunotherapy drugs is safe to give to patients with melanoma that has spread to the brain, and could help control the disease.

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Possible target for treating breast cancer that’s spread to brain found in mice

A molecule that could help tackle a certain type of breast cancer after it has spread to the brain has been identified in mice, according to a new study.

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Gene ‘switches’ could predict when breast cancers will spread to the brain

Scientists have found a pattern of genetic ‘switches’ that are linked to breast cancer’s spread to the brain.

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Scientists develop first snap shot of tiny brain tumours

Cancer Research UK scientists have developed a technique they believe could be used to detect tiny secondary tumours in the brain, a process that is currently impossible, according to research published in PNAS, today

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Drug boosts survival when breast cancer spreads to brain

Treatment with lapatinib could extend survival in women with Her2-positive breast cancer that has spread to the brain, according to research published today in the British Journal of Cancer.

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