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Height might affect risk of testicular cancer

Taller men could be at an increased risk of testicular cancer, new research today (Wednesday) suggests.

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“More research needed” over testicular cancer cannabis link

A US study has suggested that the risk of testicular cancer appears to be higher among men who smoke cannabis, particularly those who use the drug regularly or have been smoking it for a long time.

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New chemotherapy ‘cures’ early testicular cancer

A single injection of carboplatin – a chemotherapy drug commonly used to treat ovarian and lung cancer – can replace radiotherapy to cure a common type of testicular cancer, according to results presented at the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) Cancer Conference in Birmingham today (Monday).

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Fertility boost for testicular cancer patients

The vast majority of men who try to have a family, following treatment for testicular cancer, are able to father children – according to a report published today in the British Journal of Cancer.

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Testicular trial puts PET scanner to the test

The world’s largest trial to see if a new scanner can improve treatment for testicular cancer patients has been launched by Cancer Research UK.

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World Cup warning for top teams’ tackle

Men from Europe’s top footballing nations are at least five times more likely to get testicular cancer than those from World Cup hosts Japan and South Korea.

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