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New bowel cancer test gets green light with the public

Almost everyone (98 per cent) who had the new bowel cancer test – soon to become part of the national screening programme – said they were glad to have gone through the experience, according to a study published today (Monday) in the Journal of Medical Screening.

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Cancer genes differ in different parts of a tumour

Taking a sample from just one part of a tumour may not give a full picture of its ‘genetic landscape’, according to a landmark study published in the New England Journal of Medicine today (Wednesday).

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Calcium deposits could improve breast cancer diagnosis

Scientists have discovered for the first time that studying calcium deposits in the breast, often detected through screening, could help doctors diagnose breast cancer more effectively.

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Men should be warned of possible distress of prostate cancer testing

Doctors should warn men that prostate cancer testing may lead to anxiety and distress, say Cancer Research UK experts.

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Urgent action needed to reverse downward trend in pathology research

Pathology research in the UK is at risk unless urgent action is taken to encourage more pathologists into research, a new report* announced at the NCRI Cancer Conference in Birmingham reveals today.

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Call for better use of prostate cancer biopsies

Routine collection of additional information from prostate cancer biopsies could allow better decisions about the best choice of treatment, according to a study published in the journal Cancer.

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