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Post-it note’ on breast cancer gene signals risk of disease spreading

A molecular post-it note added to a breast cancer gene could flag up the risk that the disease will spread in patients, according to research published in the BJC today.

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Hundreds more breast cancer patients should be tested for BRCA1 gene

Leading breast cancer experts are calling for women under 50 diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer to be offered testing for faults in the BRCA1 gene.

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Critical step towards DNA test to detect early bowel cancer

Cancer Research UK scientists have discovered for the first time that DNA methylation patterns – a key process in cell development – could accurately detect early bowel cancer, according to research published in Gut, today.

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Gene test could solve prostate cancer riddle and spare thousands from surgery

A genetic pattern could predict how aggressive prostate cancer is before treatment, and whether the disease will come back in men who have already been treated, according to research published in the Lancet Oncology*.

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