Together we will beat cancer


6 highlights from our Black in Cancer conference

Many cancers affect Black people differently. Often, their outcomes are worse. There’s a long way to go to change that, but this is how we can start.

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Interpreted cancer awareness workshops: talking about cancer with South-Asian communities

One of our interpreted Talk Cancer workshops has been recognised in the Royal Society of Public Health’s, Health and Wellbeing awards 2022.

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Why diversity in STEM is vital to cancer research

Cancer Research UK’s (CRUK) ambition to beat cancer relies on a diverse and inclusive scientific workforce. People are at the…

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First data in a decade highlights ethnic disparities in cancer

The first analysis in over 10 years looking at which ethnic groups in England are more likely to get cancer has now been published by Cancer Research UK analysts. 

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Health inequalities: “We have a moral duty to reduce them”

This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Health inequalities

We talk to Professor Sir Michael Marmot, who’s been at the forefront of health inequality research for decades, to discuss what it is and how we can reduce it.

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Black in Cancer – That Cancer Conversation

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series That Cancer Conversation

From groundbreaking rare cancer research to ending up on Forbes 30 under 30, we chat to Sigourney Bell about her work in the lab and her global organisation, Black in Cancer.

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Investigating suspected prostate cancer: Improving GP-patient communication

A study published earlier this year uncovered some important differences in people’s experience of visiting the GP.

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Examining equality in our grant giving

As we share diversity data on how we fund research, we invite our researchers and other leading voices in EDI to give us their view.

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Researcher voices: How funders can tackle racial bias and inequality in cancer research

Four Black researchers share advice on how cancer research funders can tackle racial bias and racial inequality.

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Coronavirus reports: “As a Black man with advanced prostate cancer, who wouldn’t be worried?”

Earlier this month, Public Health England published a long-awaited report confirming that COVID-19 is disproportionately affecting Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities. We spoke to Anisha and Alfred about the findings.

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