Together we will beat cancer


Spring Budget 2023: What does it mean for the mission to beat cancer?

Ian Caleb, Cancer Research UK’s Public Affairs Manager (Westminster), gives his reaction to the spring budget from Jeremy Hunt, MP.

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“Nothing about us without us”: Why we’re working in partnership with other leading health organisations on the Shared Commitment to Public Involvement

One year on from signing up to the Shared Commitment to Patient Involvement, we’re reflecting on our successes in involving people affected by cancer in research, but also on where we strive to do better.

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The future of research: meet three of our scientists working on TRACERx

We chatted to three researchers working on TRACERx, Dr Emilia Lim, Dr William Hill and Emma Colliver about their work, what a day in their lives looks like, and how their paths have led to where they are today. 

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20 years of Cancer Research UK: Celebrating our research nurses

As part of our 20th anniversary we’re celebrating our research nurses, who play a vital role in making sure patients are safe and cared for in clinical trials.

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Breaking the silence: when cancer steals your voice

This entry is part 6 of 9 in the series Regional Stories

Dinny and Loren had different types of cancer, and in both cases the disease took away their voices. Until, of course, they found a way to break the silence.

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How keeping active during cancer treatment has helped Mary and Keith

This entry is part 4 of 9 in the series Regional Stories

It’s well known that exercise reduces cancer risk, but can it make any difference for people living with cancer? Read Mary and Keith’s stories.

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Opinion: The Government should not be choosing between investing in staff or equipment

As the Conservative leadership campaign continues towards its finale, our next Prime Minister must make cancer a priority

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A Cancer Revolution: What the experts think of the new Science Museum exhibition

We spoke to Dr Vivian Li and Rupal Mistry about their thoughts on the Cancer Revolution exhibition at the Science Museum.

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Living with a stoma: Neil and Lindsay share their experiences after bowel cancer diagnoses

This entry is part 2 of 9 in the series Regional Stories

People affected by cancer face challenges as part of their diagnosis and treatment. For those living with bowel cancer this may include a stoma.

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New reports show staff shortages continue to hold back cancer care

New reports highlight the impact of workforce issues on the ongoing patient backlog and patient outcomes across UK nations.  

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