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Severe mental illness linked to low attendance at cancer screening

New research has found that adults with severe mental illness are less likely to attend cancer screening than those who do not have such conditions.

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Routes to a healthier shopping journey – how your supermarket environment influences what goes into your basket

In partnership with British Heart Foundation and Diabetes UK, we have released our new Trolley Trends analysis which explores attitudes and behaviours around healthy eating and food shopping

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Dr Ian Walker on Smoking: ‘An unequal burden, but a fixable problem’

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Ian Walker on smoking

Ian Walker covers the inequalities associated with smoking, as well as outlining how the Government could take steps to make the UK smokefree.

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Dr Ian Walker on Smoking: ‘A political no-brainer’

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Ian Walker on smoking

Ian Walker describes how with swift political action we could prevent thousands of cancer deaths every year.

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“Nothing about us without us”: Why we’re working in partnership with other leading health organisations on the Shared Commitment to Public Involvement

One year on from signing up to the Shared Commitment to Patient Involvement, we’re reflecting on our successes in involving people affected by cancer in research, but also on where we strive to do better.

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Women and girls in science: We won’t stop pushing for progress

For the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Michelle Mitchell, CEO of Cancer Research UK, highlights some of the barriers facing women in research and how the charity is trying to overcome them.

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New analysis reveals Black women in England more likely to be diagnosed with late-stage cancer

A new study has revealed that Black women from Caribbean and African backgrounds are more likely to be diagnosed with certain types of cancer at later stages, when treatment is less likely to be successful. 

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7 images that defined cancer policy in 2022

This year, we’ve accomplished a lot in cancer policy and campaigning. From research and prevention to diagnosis, we’ve been advocating for change to beat cancer. Here are some highlights.

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Cancer Research UK report highlights stark cancer inequalities across Scotland

A landmark report on deprivation and cancer launched at the Scottish Cancer Conference today shows that the burden of cancer is not felt equally across Scotland. 

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6 highlights from our Black in Cancer conference

Many cancers affect Black people differently. Often, their outcomes are worse. There’s a long way to go to change that, but this is how we can start.

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