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120 years of Cancer Research UK: how science transformed survival rates

This entry is part 7 of 7 in the series Cancer Revolutionaries

Generations of scientists have dedicated their lives to understanding and treating cancer, often funded by us at Cancer Research UK, a charity that has spent more than a century driving progress for patients.

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Repurposing radiotherapy drugs could give immunotherapy a boost

Researchers in Southampton have found a way to improve the effectiveness of immunotherapy in cancers that are resistant by repurposing existing drugs

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Looking back at a life-changing clinical trial

In an unusual turn of events, the results of a clinical trial for mitoxantrone turned out to be so effective that the randomisation of the trial was halted early. 

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How we are working with industry to translate research into real benefits for patients 

You may not know that as well as funding cancer research, we also work with industry and academia to develop promising ideas and turn them into real benefit for patients. Find out about Cancer Research Horizons.

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A new approach to cancer immunotherapy

Forty years ago, hints of a new component of the immune system caused a stir. Here, we chart the story of gamma delta T cells from discovery to clinical trials…

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Paving the way: How biopsies are offering hope to children with aggressive brain tumours

“Our motivation for studying it is because there haven’t been any new effective treatments for decades.” Overall, survival for children’s…

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Diving into our role in 50 top cancer drugs

To mark 20 years since the merger of the Cancer Research Campaign and the Imperial Cancer Research Fund, we’ve delved into the research of the charities’ that led to many of the drugs in use today.

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Taking on DNA repair to tackle cancer

Pioneering therapeutics targeting the damage repair mechanism of DNA polymerase theta in a range of cancers have entered human trials – we tell the story from discovery to translation.

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Black in Cancer – That Cancer Conversation

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series That Cancer Conversation

From groundbreaking rare cancer research to ending up on Forbes 30 under 30, we chat to Sigourney Bell about her work in the lab and her global organisation, Black in Cancer.

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Delivering the future of paediatric brain tumour therapy

Dr Lisa Ruff tells us why drug delivery is so important for the treatment of paediatric brain tumours – and why hydrogels could be key to a breakthrough…

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