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Our nurses answer your frequently asked questions about cancer

Our nurses have answered some of the frequently asked questions they hear on our Cancer Awareness Roadshow and at Cancer Awareness in the Workplace sessions.

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No link between vitamin D levels and prostate cancer

Vitamin D levels do not affect men’s chances of developing prostate cancer, according to new research published in the journal Cancer Causes and Control.

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Joint position statement issued to provide vitamin D clarity

Cancer Research UK has joined with several other organisations and charities to issue a joint position statement on vitamin D.

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Higher vitamin D levels may be linked to lower risk of bowel cancer

People with higher levels of vitamin D appear to be significantly less likely to develop colorectal (bowel) cancer, a new European study has found.

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Vitamin D helps improve survival from bowel and skin cancer

New research shows higher levels of vitamin D may help improve survival for both bowel and skin cancer patients*.

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