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Alan studied molecular biology at the University of Washington in America before crossing the pond to complete a PhD in immunology at the University of Edinburgh. After a stint at the BBC working on live news he joined the Cancer Research UK press office in 2013. He is now part of the Cancer Research UK science information team, communicating the science that the charity funds to the public.

ASCO 2015 round-up: immunotherapy continues to come of age

We take a look back at the excitement from – and add a few important caveats to – the research from this year’s big US cancer conference.

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TRAIL and error – flipping cancer’s self-destruct switch

We explore new research showing how particular genetic faults inside cancer cells can subvert a self-destruct switch and instead encourage cancer to spread.

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Cancer in kids, teens and young adults – why we’re renewing our focus

Cancer deaths in children and young people have dropped by nearly 60 per cent in the past 40 years – read about our new campaign looking accelerate this trend.

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Improving the gold standard for brain tumours

We explore new research from our scientists testing a modified version of a brain cancer drug that could help overcome resistance to treatment.

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Biotherapeutics – a new funding scheme for research

Our latest funding scheme focuses on the emerging field of biotherapeutics – smarter cancer treatments based on cells and biological molecules.

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Resurrecting stalled cancer drugs

What happens when the development of a potential new drug stalls? Read how our Clinical Development Partnership scheme is giving some drugs a second chance.

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Beating cancer twice: childhood cancer survivors pursue medical careers

Read the story of five childhood cancer survivors – inspired to pursue medical careers – as they visit one of our scientists in the lab.

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Putting lung cancer under the magnifying glass

Lung cancer isn’t one of our most impressive success stories. While we have much to celebrate for many other cancers…

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Government must put children’s health before tobacco’s profits

Next Wednesday, in a ceremony full of tradition and colour, the Queen marks the formal start of the parliamentary year….

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