Together we will beat cancer

Loren (left) and Dinny (right), who both lost their voices during their cancer treatment

Breaking the silence: when cancer steals your voice

This entry is part 6 of 6 in the series Regional Stories

Dinny and Loren had different types of cancer, and in both cases the disease took away their voices. Until, of course, they found a way to break the silence.

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A radical project: video game design meets cancer research

The same techniques that make video games so popular can help us treat cancer. Owen Harris, designer of a new VR tool for studying tumours, tells us how.

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Reflections from the World Cancer Congress

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series CRUK Global

Across the diverse audience of cancer researchers, health policy professionals, government officials and cancer survivors there was a common desire at the World Cancer Congress: to make up for lost time. 

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How NatWest Group are making a difference this Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is a chance to make a real difference, and we’re delighted that once again, our long-standing partner NatWest…

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Cancer Research UK report highlights stark cancer inequalities across Scotland

All of us are impacted by cancer in our lifetime, either facing a diagnosis ourselves or supporting a friend or…

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First-of-its-kind app for patients on clinical trials being piloted by Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK, in partnership with tech company Stitch, are going live with an app for patients to use whilst participating in a clinical trial.  

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Why do non-smokers face delays in getting a lung cancer diagnosis?

Up to 14% of people with lung cancer in the UK have never smoked. New research funded by us reveals why non-smokers face delays in getting diagnosed with lung cancer

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ScottishPower supports vital research into air pollution and cancer

In November 2021, Cancer Research UK Chief Clinician, Professor Charles Swanton, visited our longstanding corporate partner ScottishPower at their headquarters…

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How targeted screening can help the NHS save lives from lung cancer, the UK’s leading cause of cancer death

Finding lung cancer early makes it much easier to treat. Dr Samantha Quaife, an expert in lung screening, explains how it can save lives and fight inequality.

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Welcome to our new committee chairs

We welcome two outstanding researchers – Kairbaan Hodivala-Dilke and Simon Boulton – as they join our group of funding committee chairs.

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