Together we will beat cancer


A celebration of peer review

As part of Peer Review Week, we are very proud to celebrate the essential role our research community play in this process. Here we chat to Professor Marcus Munafò – a member of one of our funding committees

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Embedding research integrity at the core of our science

Cancer Research UK has deepened its commitment to good research practice by becoming a signatory of the Concordat to support research integrity

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Digging for early detection success in our sandpit workshops

Our sandpit workshops bring together researchers from different disciplines to develop research ideas for the early detection of cancer.

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The journey to patient avatars: building a living biobank for ovarian cancer

In the search for new treatments for high-grade serous ovarian carcinoma, one Cancer Research-UK funded team built a living biobank.

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New research explores aneuploidy in children’s and young people’s cancers

We’re supporting new research exploring aneuploidy as a driver of children’s and young people’s cancer and a target for novel therapies.

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