Together we will beat cancer

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Safia studied biology at UCL and she followed that up with a PhD looking at how cancer cells respond to chemotherapy. Her first three years at CRUK were with the science communications team but she’s since moved to research funding where she’s looking for ways to boost research into cancers of the pancreas, lung, oesophagus and brain.

Expert Opinion: Professor Nick Lemoine on pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer continues to be one of the hardest cancers to treat, so as part of our Research Strategy, we’ve…

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Expert Opinion: Dr Des Powe

Dr Des Powe wants to find out whether beta blockers could be used to treat cancer. Can you teach an…

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EGFR – Wanna be starting something?

This entry is part 6 of 30 in the series Our milestones

We revisit a discovery that spawned a whole new field of cancer research and led to the development of drugs that are used to treat cancer patients today.

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Breast cancer and the neighbourhood watch

Scientists are constantly asking why so many of us get cancer, but perhaps an equally interesting question is why so…

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