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Making a startup out of a scientist

Adendra Therapeutics want to create a new kind of immunotherapy using novel insights into dendritic cell biology. We spoke to co-founder and CEO Raj Mehta about the road to commercialisation.

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From smouldering ash to a gleaming temple for cancer research: The new home of Cancer Research UK’s Manchester Institute

Martin McGlown, our head of regional media relations, reflects on the 2017 Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute fire and the new research centre that has been rebuilt in its place.

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FOCUS4: Learning from a landmark clinical trial

FOCUS4 was a large-scale trial investigating new treatments in people with advanced or metastatic colorectal cancer. Running it may not have been without its challenges, but the learnings it provided us with are invaluable if we’re to run trials like it again. 

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Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life celebrates its 30th year by announcing new partners for 2023

Cancer Research UK is proud to announce a series of new partners generously supporting our Race for Life events from…

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Our 10 top tips to help you talk about cancer

Talking about cancer can save lives and help to break down the barriers people may face to seeking help. We know that talking about cancer isn’t easy, but we want to help you with our 10 top tips

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How Becky is helping her children to keep their dad’s memory alive

This entry is part 10 of 10 in the series Regional Stories

During Bowel Cancer Awareness Month, we talk to Becky whose partner Joe died in 2018, leaving her and their three young children to come to terms with his death.

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Choosing to act on cancer: Our Manifesto for Cancer Research and Care

As the UK political parties prepare themselves for the forthcoming election, we want them to choose to make transforming cancer outcomes a priority – our Manifesto for Cancer Research and Care will provide a blueprint for them to do this. 

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Routes to a healthier shopping journey – how your supermarket environment influences what goes into your basket

In partnership with British Heart Foundation and Diabetes UK, we have released our new Trolley Trends analysis which explores attitudes and behaviours around healthy eating and food shopping

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That Cancer Conversation is back!

This entry is part 6 of 8 in the series That Cancer Conversation

Our podcast is back for season 2, having that cancer conversation about diet, sex, inequalities, and so much more.

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Creating the best culture and environment for research – a video from AACR

As the AACR conference continues, time to find out what some of our researchers think we can do to create a research environment in which everyone thrives

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