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Skin cancer includes basal cell skin cancer, squamous cell skin cancers and other rare types. These cancers tend to develop most often on skin that’s exposed to the sun and have a high cure rate.

11 sun safety myths debunked

Summer is upon us and we’ve put together 11 common myths around sun safety to help you through the summer months.

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150% surge in skin cancer deaths since 70s

According to figures, melanoma skin cancer deaths have been increasing dramatically in the UK, with the rate rising two and halftimes since the 1970s.

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UK public urged to take care this summer as around 40% spending more time in the sun since COVID-19 lockdown

New figures from Cancer Research UK and NIVEA SUN suggest that people are not protecting themselves properly from the sun in the UK.

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Cancer blood test uses ‘noise cancellation’ to improve sensitivity

Cancer Research UK scientists have developed a new way to analyse blood for evidence of cancer that could be up to ten times more sensitive than previous methods.

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Two skin cancer treatments get the green light for NHS Scotland

An immunotherapy and a targeted cancer drug were among the latest batch of NHS approvals from the Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC). 

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Science Surgery: ‘How is skin cancer related to sun exposure?’

This entry is part 15 of 23 in the series Science Surgery

For almost all skin cancers, the environmental carcinogen is sunlight, according to Professor Richard Marais. Here’s how scientists uncovered the link.

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Skin and breast cancer drugs approved for NHS use in Scotland

An immunotherapy for some patients with advanced skin cancer and a targeted drug for some women with breast cancer have been approved for NHS Scotland.

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Getting enough vitamin D? You need far less sun than you might think

How long do you need to spend in the sun to make enough vitamin D? Cancer Research UK-funded research sheds new light on vitamin D and sun safety.

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Show your kids how to stay safe in the sun: British parents protect their children but neglect their own sun protection

Research from NIVEA SUN and Cancer Research UK reveals the extent of parents’ confusion around sun protection, and the potential harm to their health.

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Drugs approved in Scotland for bladder and skin cancers

Two new cancer drugs have been approved for use on the NHS in Scotland.

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