Together we will beat cancer


Currently, only 10% of people with lung cancer will survive their disease for 10 years or more, something we urgently need to address. We have been at the heart of progress in lung cancer for over 50 years. TRACERx is our flagship investment which has unveiled new causes of lung cancer, unlocked potential new ways to diagnose and treat it and fostered the lung cancer research community in the UK.

The future of research: meet three of our scientists working on TRACERx

We chatted to three researchers working on TRACERx, Dr Emilia Lim, Dr William Hill and Emma Colliver about their work, what a day in their lives looks like, and how their paths have led to where they are today. 

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Why do non-smokers face delays in getting a lung cancer diagnosis?

Up to 14% of people with lung cancer in the UK have never smoked. New research funded by us reveals why non-smokers face delays in getting diagnosed with lung cancer

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TRACERx EVO, a new programme to transform lung cancer research

Today, we’ve announced TRACERx EVO, a new programme that builds on the discoveries made in the world’s largest long-term lung study, TRACERx. 

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7 ways we’ve influenced progress in lung cancer

From uncovering some of the causes of lung cancer, through to contributing to drugs used to treat it, here are 7 ways we have worked towards progress in lung cancer.

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