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Cancer Research UK launches new information website

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by Cancer Research UK | News

5 January 2005

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Cancer Research UK will today launch its new Information Resource Centre website, aimed at the general public, healthcare professionals, policy makers, journalists, students and teachers.

The web-address of the new site is

Split into six colour-coded sections, the Information Resource Centre contains in-depth yet accessible information on a wide range of topics, from health and lifestyle advice, to the history of cancer surgery and interviews with some of the Charity’s top scientists. Also featured is an archive of all the organisation’s press releases, a section devoted to Policy and Public Affairs, and a ‘Youth & Schools’ section aimed at teachers and students.

The site adds to the Charity’s considerable web-presence, and sits alongside its three other sites. These are:

  • the  Home site, for corporate and fundraising information
  • the Charity’s award-winning patient information site, CancerHelp UK
  • the Science and Research site, aimed at the research community in the UK and internationally.

“This fantastic new website has been developed to provide authoritative information on cancer and the work we are doing.” says Professor Robert Souhami, Cancer Research UK’s Director of Policy and Communication. “The website should further strengthen the Charity’s reputation as a leading provider of clear, detailed, accessible information about cancer and the issues surrounding it”.

The six different sections of the Information Resource Centre are:

  • Cancer & research – Detailed information about what cancer is, what causes it, and how Cancer Research UK is tackling it. This section also includes information about different types of cancer, describes the Charity’s history and achievements, and discusses how ‘cancer risk’ can be measured and reported.
  • Healthy living – This section is about making lifestyle choices to help reduce your risk of cancer. It includes information and advice about giving up smoking, alcohol consumption, physical activity and healthy eating. It also looks at the importance of early detection and screening.
  • CancerStats – This section of the website is designed for health professionals to access detailed statistical and epidemiological information. The information is based on Cancer Research UK’s successful CancerStats series. Throughout 2005, the Charity will be expanding this part of the site.
  • Public Policy – This section of the Information Resource Centre contains information about Cancer Research UK’s stance on political issues, from smoking in public places to provision of cancer services. The site also discusses the Charity’s work in Westminster, the devolved parliaments and the EU.
  • Youth & schools – A section written mainly for young people, with facts about cells and the biology of cancer, the latest research, career interviews and lots more. It is aimed primarily at a GCSE-level audience, and the Charity plans to extend its audience range over the coming year. There is also a selection of resources aimed at teachers.
  • Press Office – This part of the Information Resource Centre contains science and health news resources: the latest Cancer Research UK press releases and responses to breaking news stories,.

The site also has a Publications section, where users can download the full range of Cancer Research UK’s information and awareness leaflets.

Feedback on the site is welcomed and can be emailed to [email protected]