A quarter of England’s families are set to go to cafes, restaurants and pubs more often once the country goes smokefree, new survey results from Cancer Research UK today (Monday 18) reveal.

After quality of food, parents said finding a ‘no smoking’ venue was the most important factor when choosing where to take their children with sixty per cent listing it as a consideration.

The results come as the charity launches its new advertising campaign – The Great Indoors – which is designed to remind people of the health benefits the new law will bring.

A series of iconic posters comprise the main element of this month long campaign. They depict pub, restaurant and cafe doors set in typical English countryside scenes and carry the slogan “Welcome to the ‘Great Indoors'”. The posters will be supported by press and online advertising, and an innovative radio campaign.

Jean King, Cancer Research UK’s director of tobacco control, said: “Parents’ first duty is to protect their children. So it makes perfect sense that they’ve not been taking their families to cafes, restaurants and pubs as often as they might like.

“But come 1 July, they’ll be able to enjoy ‘the Great Indoors’ and won’t have to worry about the dangers of secondhand smoke.

“Smokefree legislation is being brought in to protect workers and the public from the lethal chemicals present in cigarette smoke. But it also looks like it will be good news for family outings and the hospitality trade.”

Countrywide, support for going smokefree is at its highest yet with over 80 per cent of adults backing the new law. Eighty-six per cent of adults believe the legislation will improve people’s health in the long-term.

But it would appear that families are looking forward to healthier indoor environments the most. Although the survey revealed that one in five adults is planning on going to cafes, restaurants and pubs more often come 1 July, this figure is slightly lower than the one in four parents who said they would be taking their families out more.

Young parents, aged 16-24 years, seem to be most enthusiastic with more than a third (34 per cent) saying they plan to go out as a family more often.

More than 2,000 adults – including 1,000 parents – across England took part in the survey.

Jean King added: “Making workplaces and enclosed public places smokefree will bring about some of the most significant health improvements the country has seen in decades. All employees – including those in pubs and clubs – deserve the right to work in a safe environment.

“This survey shows that more people than ever are looking forward to enjoying the healthier environments going smokefree will create.”


For media enquiries contact the Cancer Research UK press office on 0207 061 8318 or, out-of-hours, the duty press officer on 07050 264 059.


  • High-resolution images of the posters are available on request.
  • Case studies of families looking forward to England going smokefree are also available.

The survey was carried out by BMRB between 31 May and 6 June 2007. More than 2,000 adults – including 1,000 parents – from across England were surveyed.


All parents

How will the new smokefree law affect how often you take your family to cafes and restaurants? (National average)

  • 24% More often
  • 72% No difference
  • 4% Less often

How will the new smokefree law affect how often you take your family to pubs? (National average)

  • 24% More often
  • 71% No difference
  • 5% Less often

Which of the following is important to you if you were taking your children to a restaurant, café or pub? (National average)

  • 71% Quality of food
  • 59% No Smoking
  • 52% Quality of service
  • 44% Children’s menu
  • 27% Type of people who frequent the venue
  • 19% High chairs
  • 4% Other

All adults

How do you think the smokefree law will affect how often you go to cafes and restaurants? (National average)

  • 21% More often
  • 75% No difference
  • 4% Less often

How do you think the smokefree law will affect how often you go to pubs? (National average)

  • 19% More often
  • 74% No difference
  • 7% Less often

How strongly, if at all, do you support or oppose the new law? (National average)

  • 81% Support
  • 17% Oppose

Do you agree that the smokefree law will benefit people’s health in the long-term? (National average)

  • 86% Agree
  • 12% Disagree