NewspapersOne thing that’s almost guaranteed to get coverage in the media is a story about cancer rates – a theme we’ll doubtless return to again and again on this blog. So unsurprisingly, last Wednesday’s press release (“Sunburn, smoking, alcohol and obesity fuelling rising cancer rates“) got widely reported in the papers and also on radio and TV.

It’s always interesting to compare the way our stories are reported in different places, and the differing slants different papers put on the same press release.

So with the help of Emma in our Press Office, we’ve put together a selection of links to online versions of the stories. It’s worth having a look at the ensuing debate the ‘comment’ sections (on the sites that have them)…

The release also attracted comment pieces in The Sun and The Guardian, and the story even made it out into the ‘blogosphere’, attracting a interesting piece in The Huffington Post – again the comments section makes for illuminating reading.