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Podcasts from the NCRI Conference

by Kat Arney | Analysis

12 October 2007

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We’re back and more or less recovered from the NCRI Conference – the largest cancer conference in the UK. It was a truly exciting meeting, packed full of the latest advances from basic biology to palliative care.

One of the running themes throughout the conference was that we still have much to learn, in areas as diverse as the links between diet and cancer to the ways in which chemotherapy drugs work. The many unsolved questions that were thrown up only reinforce the need for the charity’s continued commitment to world-class research.

In a week or so, we’re hoping to get a blog up, featuring write-ups from all the main sessions at the conference. But in the meantime, you can listen the interviews with leading researchers (made by Yours Truly), as well as hearing the plenary lectures through the NCRI podcast page. Simply click on 2007 podcasts, and select either “Plenary Sessions” or “Podcast Interviews”.

Although it’s almost impossible to decide, two of the most interesting people I interviewed were Greg Verdine, talking about a revolutionary new way to make cancer drugs, and Edzard Ernst, the UK’s only Professor of Complementary Medicine. Let us know what you think of the interviews, by leaving your comments here.