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More podcasts from the NCRI Cancer Conference

by Kat Arney | Analysis

9 October 2008

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As well as blogging about the top stories from the NCRI Conference, we’ve also been busy interviewing some of the world’s top cancer researchers.

Here’s the next crop of NCRI Conference podcasts from Monday and Tuesday. Click on the researcher’s name to go to the podcast player.

  • Rebecca Fitzgerald talks about the importance of early detection for oesophageal cancer, and her “sponge-on-a-string” technique.
  • Amanda Sandford from ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) discusses the cost of smoking to the NHS.
  • Fiona Gilbert talks about CADET 2, a clinical trial to test whether computer-read mammograms can help to ease the pressure on the UK breast screening programme.
  • Stan Kaye, chair of the 2008 NCRI Conference programme planning committee, discusses the strands running through the conference and his highlights from the meeting.
  • David Forman from the National Cancer Intelligence Network talks about the latest cancer survival figures and inequalities across the UK.
  • Kim Nasmyth talks about cohesin, the molecule that holds newly-copied DNA together in cells, and his exciting new discovery about the way it works.
  • Howard Scher discusses his research into treating prostate cancer that has become resistant to hormone therapy.
  • Joe Gray explains how his research is leading to more tailored treatment for breast cancer.
  • Mike Richards, National Cancer Director for England, discusses the costs of cancer care, and how money could be saved and redirected within the NHS to provide better services.
  • Nazneen Rahman talks about her new research into Wilms’ tumour, a type of childhood kidney cancer, and how it will help children with the disease.