Sunbeds have been reclassified as a cause of cancer

Sunbeds have been reclassified as a 'cause of cancer'

The International Agency of Research into Cancer (IARC) is a group of expert scientists working as part of the World Health Organisation to classify things that could potentially lead to cancer into different categories, depending on how strong the evidence is.

Previously, they had grouped sunbeds in Group 2A, which they described as “probably carcinogenic to humans”.

This year, they’re reviewing all their earlier classifications and have now moved sunbeds into the highest category, Group 1, which means that they are “carcinogenic to humans”.

This news is yet another sign of the strong evidence linking sunbeds to melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer, particularly in people who start using them at a young age.

It comes hot on the heels of a report from another group – COMARE – which also called for stricter regulation of sunbeds.

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