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Charity revamps myth-busting cancer newscast

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by Cancer Research UK | News

1 December 2009

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Cancer Research UK today (Wednesday) relaunches its podcast, dedicated to exploring the facts behind cancer news stories.

At a time when cancer stories are in the news almost every day, the charity will give the context and explore the science behind the headlines. It aims to help people decide when to question what they read in the papers, and provide accurate news about cancer.

Dr Kat Arney, Cancer Research UK’s senior science information officer, will produce the newscast.

Dr Arney said: “The podcast will focus solely on promoting accurate and exciting stories about the latest progress in cancer research.

“The media covers so many cancer stories, and they can sometimes seem contradictory. As a trusted source of information about cancer, we want to make sure that people get the best possible information about cancer.

“It’s important that the public are aware of the latest advances in cancer treatment. But it’s also important to understand when a phrase like ‘breakthrough’ has been misused.

“Along with our Science Update blog, we hope this newscast will give people the reliable and accurate information they need to bust the myths and pick out what’s really important in the plethora of media stories about cancer.”

Each month, the Cancer Research UK news podcast will run through the biggest cancer stories with expert opinions, and take an in-depth look at the most talked about issue of the month.