Science is Vital

The Science is Vital campaign aims to protect scientific research from government cuts

A few weeks ago, we wrote about the importance of protecting scientific research from the impending government cuts.

While we recognise that the country is facing economic difficulties, at Cancer Research UK we believe that research is absolutely crucial – both to improving the lot of cancer patients and to hastening the economic recovery.

We’re urging the government to protect scientific research from over-severe cuts.

Cancer Research UK receives no direct government funding for our research, but we fund world-class research in universities and institutes who depend on money from the state. And we work closely with the UK’s Research Councils, co-funding many vital projects.

So today we’ve signed the ‘Science is Vital’ petition, and we’re fully backing this campaign.

You can find out more about the campaign’s objectives on their website, where you can also read details of how else you can get involved.

And of course, you can sign the petition there too.