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NCRI conference: The Naked Scientists

by Kat Arney | Analysis

11 November 2010

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Get the low-down from the Naked Scientists

This week’s Naked Scientists podcast is all about cancer, co-presented live from the NCRI Conference in Liverpool by our own Dr Kat Arney.

The show features  Professor Bob Weinberg discussing the hallmarks of cancer, and Dr Stacey Efstathiou talking about the role that viruses may play in the development of the disease. There’s also an in-depth interview with Professor Doug Fearon, investigating the latest news in immunotherapy and cancer.

Plus the team explore the science of ultrasound, a technique sometimes used to detect cancer.

Listen to the podcast through the player below, or from the Naked Scientists’ website:

To find out more about the stories, download the show, subscribe to the RSS feed or read a full transcript, head over to the Naked Scientists website.