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Healthy resolutions 2011 – our interactive lifestyle tool

by Jess Kirby | Analysis

17 January 2011

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New year’s resolutions: easy to make, hard to keep. Yours might even have fallen by the wayside already, or a few slips weakened your resolve.

But don’t give up – making healthy changes to your lifestyle is really worth it. Last year we wrote about the changes that can really cut the risk of developing cancer. And the messages we included back then are just as relevant today – keep a healthy weight, keep active and, if you smoke, try to quit.

If it all seems a bit much, our brand-new interactive lifestyle assessment can help you to take the first step. By answering a few short questions about your lifestyle, you’ll get a tailored report telling you where you’re doing well, as well as suggestions for changes you might benefit from. You’ll also get plenty of information and tips to help you make those changes.

Click on the image to launch the widget

Click on the image to launch the widget

Starting to live more healthily can be hard, but it makes a big difference. Up to half of all cancers could be prevented by changes to lifestyle, so healthy living can have a huge impact on the chance of developing cancer in the first place. But that’s not the only benefit – many healthy habits, like getting more active or giving up smoking, can also make you feel better in the short term.

And remember, it helps to get support when you’re planning a change. Family, friends, colleagues and your doctor, pharmacist or practice nurse can all be there to help and support you to make healthy choices.

So after all that festive excess, now is a good time to start afresh. So take our lifestyle assessment to find out how you’re doing and get ideas for a change, so you can make 2011 the year you gain a healthy habit or two.

And if you’re thinking of upping your exercise levels, Race for Life 2011 has just launched – visit the website and sign up today!


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