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News digest – tangled DNA, blood-brain barrier, evolution and more

by Nick Peel | Analysis

12 October 2013

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Tabloids on a news stand

Our pick of the cancer news this week

  • In our big research news this week, our scientists unravelled a new role for an important DNA twister. See our press release for details and our blog post detangles the story.
  • European MPs voted on new tobacco controls. The BBC has information on the new regulations.
  • In the UK, MPs warned that tobacco firms are fuelling the black market. Our news story has more detail and here’s the BBC’s take on events.
  • And a new survey from the British Heart Foundation highlighted the benefits of standardised tobacco packaging. Our news story has the details.
  • Our scientists showed an improved way to get cancer drugs across the blood-brain barrier. This is a huge challenge and our press release has the details.
  • The BBC covered a call from the Bone Cancer Research Trust to improve early diagnosis.
  • An intriguing evolutionary link between testicular cancer and sun-tanning emerged. Our news story has the details.
  • The Scottish Medicine Consortium could be making more drugs available to Scottish cancer patients in the future. The BBC covered the story.
  • Our congratulations go to three US scientists whose work on a cells internal mailing system landed them the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

And finally

  • Inflated claims from the Daily Mail that black tomatoes could ‘stave off cancer’ leave a bad taste. We’ve written about the potential damage of claims like this before.


Images courtesy of Jon s, via Flickr.