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News digest – cancer imaging, DNA ‘clocks’, Gibb Fellowship and more

by Nick Peel | Analysis

26 October 2013

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  • We announced a £35 million funding boost for cancer imaging centres this week. Our press release has the details and we took a closer look at the importance of imaging in cancer research.
  • New research into a ‘DNA clock’ could help scientists predict how old cells are. The Guardian covered what the clock says about some cancer cells.
  • There was widespread coverage of some new research from our scientists that found young black women in the UK are less likely to survive breast cancer. The Telegraph and the BBC covered the research and NHS Choices took an in-depth look at the findings.
  • New research identified a genetic link between Hodgkin lymphoma and multiple sclerosis. Our news story has the details.
  • Results from an early phase trial identified a potentially beneficial treatment combination for mesothelioma. See our news story for more info.
  • And the BBC covered another early stage trial – this time for a potential new ‘gene therapy’ prostate cancer treatment.
  • The Telegraph and the Mail Online had news that a new type of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) could help prevent breast cancer. But these stories are based on an early-stage study in mice and we already know that some types of HRT can increase the risk of some cancers. Our take home message: further research needed.
  • The Mail Online had news of commercial sunbed bans in Australia. This is an important measure for cutting skin cancer rates and our SunSmart pages have more information.
  • The Medical Research Council wrote about a project introducing patients to animal research.
  • BioMed Central wrote a couple of interesting articles about Citizen Science, where the public get involved in large scientific projects. They included a mention of our Cell Slider project, where you can contribute to our work by analysing real life cancer data.
  • We liked this piece from The Conversation – Tobacco companies are savvy about the power of branding – and we reviewed the latest evidence on standardised tobacco packaging.

And finally

  • Our congratulations go to Professor Tony Kouzarides who has been awarded the Gibb Research Fellowship for his impressive contribution to our understanding of how genes get turned on and off and what this means for cancer. Our press release has more info and our bloggers sat down with Tony to talk about his work.


Images courtesy of Jon s, via Flickr.