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Two million reasons to beat cancer

by Catherine Guinard | Analysis

7 October 2014

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We’re running ever harder just to stay still.’ These are the words of our Chief Clinician, Professor Peter Johnson, on the enormous challenges cancer still poses. The fact is, in spite of the huge strides we have made, today there are two million people living with, or affected by, cancer in the UK.

And we think that’s far too many. That’s why every day we try harder to beat cancer sooner.

Making sure the Government prioritises cancer is a crucial part of our work. And, with just over six months to go before the next General Election, it’s time to reaffirm what challenges we face, and make sure the next Government is ready to take action from day one.

We need to make sure the next Government commits to improving things on all fronts: research, prevention, diagnosis, and care for people affected by cancer now and in the future.

Teaming up, tackling cancer

In September we launched a collaborative initiative with more than 30 other cancer charities. Cancer: 2 million reasons is a chance for the cancer community to speak with one voiceto drive home the message on cancer – as well as marking the countdown to next year’s General Election.

Each month, the initiative will publish a new infographic designed to raise awareness among those hoping to form the next administration on the work still to do.  As our recent report demonstrated, diagnosing cancer early can make a big difference – not just to patients, but to the affordability of care. So we kicked off the initiative with an infographic explaining the importance of diagnosing cancer early.

This month we’ll be focusing on the value of research in beating cancer.

In fact, just last week, fresh figures revealed that only three out of 10 patients have had the opportunity to discuss research. While over 50 per cent of those not asked would have liked to discuss it.

Get involved

To spread the word we’ll need your help. Look out for the infographics as they are published on the 7th of each month and help us create a buzz by sharing them on social media. For example, you could:

The next Government has two million reasons to fight back against cancer – let’s make sure it is ready for the job.

Watch out for Cancer Research UK’s own election campaign in the weeks ahead. Our campaign will rally election candidates to join the fight and cross cancer out. With steadfast political will in the next Parliament to improve early diagnosis and access to the best treatments, we will beat cancer sooner.

Laura Williams and Catherine Castledine, Public Affairs team at Cancer Research UK