Cancer Research UK has appointed Tony Hickson as the charity’s new chief business officer.

“Tony will be a huge asset to the charity, bringing great experience and ambition to our research and innovation activities.” Dr Iain Foulkes

Tony Hickson, who is currently managing director at Imperial Innovations Limited, the technology transfer office for Imperial College London, will take up this post in August.

Dr Iain Foulkes, Cancer Research UK’s executive director of research and innovation, said: “We’re thrilled to welcome Tony Hickson as our new chief business officer. Tony will be a huge asset to the charity, bringing great experience and ambition to our research and innovation activities.

“Commercial development of our research is a key route through which Cancer Research UK ensures the most promising scientific discoveries are translated into urgently needed new treatments, diagnostics and technologies for patients with cancer.”

As an experienced technology start-up company director, he has a strong track record in fundraising, negotiation and industrial collaborations. He has led technology transfer activities that have delivered substantial value back to Imperial College London, as well as being involved in the creation of spin-out companies with a combined value of over £500m. These include Thiakis, Polytherics/Abzena, Circassia, CellMedica, Catapult Therapy TCR, Myotec/PsiOxus and Precision Robotics.

Tony was also recently instrumental in the creation of the £40m Apollo Therapeutics Fund as well as the launch of the Founders Choice® initiative at Imperial.

Tony Hickson said: “I’m delighted to join Cancer Research UK at such an exciting time for the charity’s commercial development. I look forward to taking a lead role in the planned expansion of the charity’s commercialisation activity, building a hub for strategic research innovation, welcoming new partners and strengthening our relationships with industry.”


Cancer Research UK’s commercial activity operates through Cancer Research Technology Ltd. (CRT), a wholly owned subsidiary of Cancer Research UK. It is the legal entity which pursues drug discovery research in themed alliance partnerships and delivers varied commercial partnering arrangements. 


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