NIVEA Sun Safety Roadshow

Our sun safety messaging tours the UK with the NIVEA Sun Safety Roadshow

This year, we wanted to show our deep appreciation to NIVEA Sun who have supported Cancer Research UK for the last decade. To help us achieve our vision of a world where everyone can live longer, better lives, free from the fear of cancer, NIVEA Sun have been hard-at-work promoting the importance of sun safety and raising an incredible £6m in vital funds for life-saving research into skin cancer.

Throughout 10 years of partnership, we’ve been able to achieve a lot, with the support of NIVEA Sun enabling us to promote sun safety to a much wider audience. The key messages of the partnership – seek shade, cover up, apply sunscreen – have been shared extensively. NIVEA Sun have used TV adverts to share our key messages and have been busy busting common myths about the sun, including its strength in the UK and the chance of burning through clouds, as well as educating the public on the UV index.

Race for Life event in Bristol

NIVEA Sun Safety Roadshow at a Race for Life event in Bristol

More recently, in 2021, the partnership had the opportunity to be seen by 11.8 million people through the Sun Safety Roadshow. This saw the NIVEA Sun Safety tour bus visiting 36 locations, distributing 43,000 free sunscreen samples, and achieving 1,150 hours (the equivalent of 48 days!) of engagement and education with the public. This summer, NIVEA Sun and Cancer Research UK hit the road again, with the tour bus stopping off in 13 towns and cities, including four Race For Life events and CAMP BESTIVAL, not to mention an 11-day pitstop at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, going for gold in sun safety messaging and reaching an incredible 15,000 people who stopped by for sunscreen samples. In total over 55,000 samples were distributed this year.

Our partnership with NIVEA Sun is incredibly important to Cancer Research UK. We are so grateful for the large number of people we can communicate our sun safety messaging to and be able to continue to make vital discoveries on skin cancer research. Thank you, NIVEA Sun, for all your hard work and support over the past 10 years.

Caro Evans, Director of Partnerships, Cancer Research UK.

For Cancer Research UK, 2022 really is a year of celebration. Not only are we celebrating 10 years of partnership with NIVEA Sun, but this year also marks 120 years since the founding of the Imperial Cancer Research Fund, one of the organisations that merged to form Cancer Research UK 20 years ago.

Over the past 120 years, our work has uncovered how and why cancer develops and has driven some of the biggest advances in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, such as helping to develop 8 of the world’s top 10 cancer drugs, cervical screening and radiotherapy, which benefit millions of people around the world.

It is thanks to partnerships like ours with NIVEA Sun that we can make such crucial progress in our life-saving work, raise awareness and bring hope to everyone affected by cancer. Thank you, NIVEA Sun.

– Written by Phoebe Allen, Senior Partnerships Relations Executive