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That Cancer Conversation is back!

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by Cancer Research UK | Podcast

19 April 2023

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This entry is part 6 of 18 in the series That Cancer Conversation

Last June, the first season of our podcast, That Cancer Conversation, came to an end with it’s fifth episode, Why haven’t we cured cancer?

Now, we’re back for season 2, having that cancer conversation about diet, sex, inequalities, and so much more.   

Join our digital news team, Amy, Jacob, Sophie, and Tim, as they bring together the stories and the science behind cancer every month.  

Stay tuned for our first full-length episode of season 2, Sex, Intimacy and Cancer, next week and to make sure you don’t miss out when we release a new episode, hit subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.   

See you then! 

The digital news team in the Cancer Research UK Stratford office
Cancer Research UK's digital news team. (Left to right: Tim, Sophie, Amy, Jacob)