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Sugar supplement slows cancer growth in mice, but patients shouldn’t rush to health food shops

New research suggests giving a sugar supplement, called mannose, to mice with cancer slows tumour growth.

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News digest – pink brain tumour drink, red meat tax, AI funding boost and misleading headlines on sleep

In the news this week: sleeping patterns and breast cancer risk, developments in a brain tumour liquid biopsy and a proposed red meat tax.

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News digest – forceful cancer cells, cervical screening, medicinal cannabis and misleading mobile phone headlines

In the news this week: using Turing’s codebreaking to develop personalised cancer treatments and misleading headlines linking mobile phones to cancer.

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News digest – breast cancer trials, height and cancer risk, bowel cancer in young people and immunotherapy

In the news this week: promising clinical trial results from ESMO 2018 and we call out an anti-smoking campaign’s hypocrisy.

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