Together we will beat cancer


Could a smartphone app help doctors diagnose lung cancer?

We’ve developed an app that could help doctors analyse lung scans and care for patients who may be diagnosed with lung cancer.

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Five reasons the UK must diagnose cancer earlier – and four ways to do it

We look at the latest figures showing how earlier diagnosis of cancer could save lives.

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Could computers help GPs diagnose cancer early?

We discuss results of an evaluation of a new computer based system to help GPs diagnose cancer.

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The Mail and Telegraph’s coverage of new cancer survival figures was misleading

We clarify some misleading reporting of new cancer survival statistics.

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Achieving the world’s best cancer survival

UK cancer survival has doubled in the last 40 years. But it still lags behind the best in the world. Why?

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It may seem unlikely, but could a statistician save your life?

Identifying where a health service is doing well – and where it needs to do better – is one of…

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