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Misha began her journey in Canada studying business and psychology. But fearing a life of normalcy she moved to London and completed a Masters in science journalism at City University. A science enthusiast and jack of all trades Misha joined Cancer Research UK’s News and Multimedia team in 2014 to write and film content for the charity’s blog and news feed.

News digest – TV junk food, prostate genetics, HPV testing, and… robotic bottoms?

Here’s this week’s cancer news.

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News digest – Obesity, ‘Holy Grail’ breast cancer prevention, contagious cancer and… broccoli?

Here’s this week in cancer news.

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News digest – Coffee, combination immunotherapy, CRISPR and… porridge?

Here’s the week’s cancer news.

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The power of Talk Cancer training

We look at how Talk Cancer, a Cancer Research UK training programme to help people feel confident talking to people about cancer is making an impact.

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Everything you really need to know about DNA sequencing

We explore how we got to where we are today with DNA sequencing and the science behind it.

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Patients of the future – part 1: diagnosis

We unpick some futuristic ideas and see where the research and technology is at today – and how far away we are from turning science fiction into fact.

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