Together we will beat cancer

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Sara is our director of cancer intelligence, early diagnosis and clinical engagement. She joined Cancer Research Campaign, a forerunner of Cancer Research UK, in 2000 as a science information officer. Since then, she’s led the development of our relationship with primary care as well as spearheading our health and prevention work, helping to create our Health Facilitation Programme and our health marketing team. Sara has also built our international collaborations, including the International Cancer Benchmarking Partnership.

How coronavirus is impacting cancer services in the UK

Cancer services have been severely disrupted across the UK, from screening to treatment and care.

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Breast screening error: women need reassurance, not misleading statistics

In the immediate aftermath, estimating the numbers affected by a breast screening error might do more harm than good.

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A tribute to Professor Jane Wardle

This week, we lost a dear friend, a colleague, a mentor and exceptionally talented researcher – Jane Wardle, one of the UK’s leading health psychologists.

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Diagnosing cancer early – how far have we come?

Five years ago we measured the size of the early diagnosis prize – now we provide an update on the research looking to help diagnose more cancers earlier.

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