Together we will beat cancer

Sophia Lowes

Sophia studied biological sciences at the University of Oxford and then completed a Master’s in Global Health Science. She joined the health information team at Cancer Research UK in 2017, developing and disseminating engaging, evidence-based information for the public and key professionals on cancer risk, prevention, early diagnosis and screening. She now works as a senior manager in the cancer intelligence team.

Early cancer diagnosis and COVID-19: unpicking the impact of the pandemic

Cancer diagnosis was clearly hit hard by the pandemic, but the data tells a complicated story. What does it mean for the future?

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The rise of the ‘long-waiter’ – why cancer waiting times are showing the pressure more than ever before

We’ve all seen the headlines. Whether it’s ‘Waiting lists for cancer treatment soar’ in the Express, the Mail talking about…

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5 ways research can help prevent cancer

Following our research on how lifestyle affects cancer risk, we look at how research into vaccines, screening and drugs could also help prevent cancers.

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New calculations confirm lifestyle changes could prevent 4 in 10 cancer cases

Our new research shows that more than 135,000 cases of cancer could be prevented in the UK each year largely through lifestyle changes.

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10 health hacks to help cut cancer risk

We asked people to share tips and tricks to make being healthy a bit easier. Each of these hacks are linked to lifestyle changes that cut could cancer risk.

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New Year’s resolutions 2018: Can you nudge your way to a new you?

Understanding the science behind why we make certain decisions can help make your 2018 healthy resolutions stick.

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The HPV vaccine and cervical screening: how many tests do you need?

New research shows women who have had the HPV vaccine may only need 3 cervical screens in their entire life, rather than the 12 that are standard in the UK.

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