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Age: the forgotten cancer risk factor?

Ageing is often the ‘forgotten’ cancer risk factor, overshadowed by preventable risk factors like smoking and obesity. Now, Cancer Grand Challenges are bringing bringing the ‘forgotten’ cancer risk factor into the spotlight. 

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Stopping neuropathy – one of chemotherapy’s most challenging side effects

Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy is caused by cancer treatment, but doctors don’t have a way to treat it. Our research is changing that.

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Time to take on 9 new Cancer Grand Challenges

These are some of the biggest questions in cancer research. Cancer Grand Challenges are looking for research teams that can help answer them.

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The ecDNA story – catching the mastermind behind cancer evolution

Aggressive cancers use ecDNA to evolve quickly and resist treatment. This is how we found that out, and how we’re going to stop it.

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Early-onset cancer: why are more young adults being diagnosed?

Cancer rates in adults under 50 have been rising since the 1990s. Our researchers are leading the effort to turn the trend around.

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A radical project: video game design meets cancer research

The same techniques that make video games so popular can help us treat cancer. Owen Harris, designer of a new VR tool for studying tumours, tells us how.

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The Nobel Prize winner helping us treat children’s cancers

Professor Carolyn Bertozzi won the 2022 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. She’s using all she’s learned to create better treatments for solid tumours in children.

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How “the most advanced machine learning approach” is finding new cancer-causing mutational signatures

A team of researchers has developed a new tool to identify mutational signatures in cancer DNA that’s quickly establishing itself as the best of the best.  

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‘Normal’ cells and ‘cancer’s surprising circular DNA’: Inside Cancer Grand Challenges Part 2

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Inside Cancer Grand Challenges

We’re unpacking two recently funded Cancer Grand Challenges, and introducing the global, multidisciplinary teams taking them on.

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Inside Cancer Grand Challenges Part 1: what makes a grand challenge?

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Inside Cancer Grand Challenges

Today, Cancer Grand Challenges announced four new teams that have each received £20 million in funding to take on the biggest challenges in cancer research

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