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Dr Ian Walker on Smoking: ‘A political no-brainer’

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Ian Walker on smoking

Ian Walker describes how with swift political action we could prevent thousands of cancer deaths every year.

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Contraception and cancer – a look behind the headlines

You may have heard about a new study into contraception and cancer. New information about cancer risks can be hard to apply to everyday life, so let’s break this research down and see what it means.

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Dr Ian Walker on Smoking: ‘The killer behind the counter’

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Ian Walker on smoking

Ian Walker reminds us why we need to keep our ‘pedal to the metal’ when it comes to further government policy intervention on smoking tobacco

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Lessons from the green: How sports psychology helped a top golf pro cope with cancer

This entry is part 9 of 9 in the series Regional Stories

Lysa Jones, a golf coach and pro, talks about how her experiences in the sport helped her to cope with her breast cancer diagnosis.

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Time to take on 9 new Cancer Grand Challenges

These are some of the biggest questions in cancer research. Cancer Grand Challenges are looking for research teams that can help answer them.

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Our nurses answer your frequently asked questions about cancer

Our nurses have answered some of the frequently asked questions they hear on our Cancer Awareness Roadshow and at Cancer Awareness in the Workplace sessions.

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The ecDNA story – catching the mastermind behind cancer evolution

Aggressive cancers use ecDNA to evolve quickly and resist treatment. This is how we found that out, and how we’re going to stop it.

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Feeling the pull: Using magnetic drug targeting to improve chemotherapy in brain tumours

Researchers at the University of Sheffield have developed a new magnetic device we could use to make more chemotherapy drugs effective against brain tumours.

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Better together: improving brain tumour treatment

We’ve helped double brain tumour survival over the past 40 years. Now, researchers are combining some of our most successful drugs, temozolomide and PARP inhibitors, to make glioblastoma treatment more effective.

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Hiding in plain sight: How we can use immune cells to deliver cancer-killing viruses to tumours

Researchers have found a way to deliver cancer-killing viruses to tumours by hiding them inside immune cells.

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