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How TRACERx is helping us predict lung cancer’s next move

Researchers based at the Francis Crick Institute have published new results from TRACERx, revealing the secrets of how lung cancer can evolve, spread and resist treatment.

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The UK Government’s response to Javed Khan’s tobacco review: A small step in the right direction, but much more action is needed

While today’s speech from Neil O’Brien MP was a welcome positive first step in the right direction, the UK Government has missed a key opportunity to get us back on track to achieving a Smokefree 2030

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Olaparib approved for 800 prostate and breast cancer patients in England

Olaparib, a targeted cancer drug discovered and developed with our funding, has been approved for hundreds of patients with certain breast and prostate cancers in England. 

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The stories behind Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Awareness Month

For Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Awareness Month, we’re hearing from four supporters who’ve faced the unique challenges of teenage cancer.

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Dame Deborah James’ incredible legacy: The Bowelbabe Fund announces first funded projects

In her final weeks, fuelled by her spirit of ‘rebellious hope’ and passion to help others, Deborah worked to establish the Bowelbabe Fund for Cancer Research UK, to support projects she was passionate about. Today the initial projects to receive funding from the Bowelbabe Fund have been announced.

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Children’s cancer charities team up for tomorrow’s treatments

We’re helping treble funding for paediatric Experimental Cancer Medicine Centres, paving the way to more effective and less toxic treatments for children and young people.

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Dr Ian Walker on Smoking: ‘An unequal burden, but a fixable problem’

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Ian Walker on smoking

Ian Walker covers the inequalities associated with smoking, as well as outlining how the Government could take steps to make the UK smokefree.

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Scientists uncover how incurable skin cancer resists treatment at the end of life

New results from the Cancer Research UK-funded PEACE study have revealed how some skin cancers stop responding to treatment at the end of life.

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Dr Ian Walker on Smoking: ‘A political no-brainer’

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Ian Walker on smoking

Ian Walker describes how with swift political action we could prevent thousands of cancer deaths every year.

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Contraception and cancer – a look behind the headlines

You may have heard about a new study into contraception and cancer. New information about cancer risks can be hard to apply to everyday life, so let’s break this research down and see what it means.

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